Birthday Bread

As Valentine’s Day and my birthday are in February, William decided to take me to Brazeiros Brazillian Steak House for my birthday. I was excited to get dressed up and have an adult dinner since COVID had put our social activities on hold.   Being the oldsters we are, William made the reservation for 4:30 pmContinue reading “Birthday Bread”


Accidental EUREKA!

It was my first year of teaching Robotics to Alternative School Students. Would they have what it takes to compete against “regular” schools with students who seemingly excelled to the outside world?

Now What? (New Relationship, Part 4)

After four hours we were finally allowed into Animal House to meet adoptable dogs that would be good with Loki. I was certain that we’d find a calm, fluffy female to be his companion. I quickly learned that a wishlist and real life didn’t always coincide.