The Office

When we got this house over a year ago, we’d set aside one room to be William’s office. However, throughout the year, it remained a “catch-all.” 

We never took the time to set it up properly.

That changed when I decided to revise a yearlong journal of my experiences in a master of school leadership program at the University of Louisville—in another life! Through many emails and texts with my writing-mentor, I decided to get rid of my Windows Laptop and join the world of Apple computers. My laptop had served me well for the last three years until I began my blog. The memory was not adequate for the graphics I wanted to use and the many programs I had open simultaneously.  

William offered his iMac. It wasn’t new but had all of the “right stuff” to help me write, edit, create graphics, and research the Internet simultaneously. So, one brave Sunday afternoon, I tackled that go-to-hell-room! William helped, and we took our Armory of handguns, ARs, and ammo down to the basement. 


Once we stripped our office-to-be down, we decided to start with a rug that I’d previously used in my bedroom as the base. I liked that the carpet is floral with sweeping shades of fuchsia, red, yellow, and green on a black and white background—rather like my personality—some folks might say! I ordered a desk, a keyboard drawer, and red and white striped curtains for the window my desk would face. My preference was to order pink and white curtains. However, I ultimately compromised with William, and we decided on red and white window coverings.


During the setup process, William started a new job with UPS. He would no longer be tossing boxes but would have an office and a computer for the position. He was very excited, and I was proud of him and delighted that he was out of the warehouse. But then came the catch—isn’t there always a catch?

A few days later, William happened to mention that he might be working from home some. Huh? I thought and looked at him questioningly. “This wasn’t part of the original job information,” I said. 

He assured me that he thought it would only be intermittent and that he did have an office at work.  


I am retired and stay at home by choice. I have worked hard to create a daily routine for me and the fur-babies. I refuse to let myself sit and watch tv. I cook/bake, write, clean (a little), and keep myself mentally stimulated. Most days, I don’t even sit down until after William comes home from work between four and five.  


I really love having this man in my life, but the thought of sharing a house AND office with William 24/7 made me incredibly antsy. After all, I rotate between what I want to during the day. I let the tv blare as I work around the upper level of the house. I put on music and sing with it to my heart’s content. Or I can listen to nothing but silence. Simply put, I am in charge of my surroundings and manipulate them to suit me during the day.  


Last weekend, we finished the office. I need wall storage for my files, but it’s workable for now.  

William finished his week-long training and will be working from home for the foreseeable future.  


Now what?

Published by Kjohnson

I'm a retired teacher and writer. I love to cook, bake, remodel, and play with my soulful dogs, Loki and Livi

2 thoughts on “The Office

  1. I expect there are more than a few significant others with the same feelings as you. Living in close quarters—even with someone you love—is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it is for the strong of heart, and I that is you!

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